1988 smartwatch up for auction

In 1988, Seiko released an unusual watch called the WristMac. One of the features of the device was the ability to connect to a Mac. For this, the AppleTalk protocol was used. In fact, the watch is one of the progenitors of the Apple Watch.

At the time of release, WristMac had a good set of features. They were able to show the time, date and day of the week, allowed you to set multiple repeating alarms, and also gave its owner the ability to create notes and then export them as a text file to an external drive.

In addition, WristMac was used by NASA astronauts. In 1991, during the shuttle mission Atlantis, the watch reminded crew members of the need to complete certain tasks.

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Within a few hours, the auction starts, in which collectors will be able to compete for rare watches. The price for a lot starts from $1. However, experts believe that the final cost will reach $50,000.

The watch up for auction, although it was not in space, but complete with WristMac, the owner also sells the original box, user manual and software floppy disk.

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