72% of iPhone users have installed iOS 15

Apple has shared statistics about updating users to the new iOS 15. According to analysts, only 72% of users with supported iPhone devices have installed the latest firmware update for themselves. If we take the figure among all active iPhones, this figure is even lower and amounts to 63%. This is significantly less than iOS 14 last year.

Part of this may be due to the fact that the company now allows you to stay on iOS 14, but still receive up-to-date privacy updates. Users are not forced to install the latest firmware as long as their device has received major security updates and is stable.

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Last year, the announcement of iOS 15 did not please everyone, some of the features presented at WWDC 2021 were cut in the official release of the update in the fall and were released only after subsequent updates. Now we justify this with a prolonged pandemic, but we hope that this year Apple will please us with a new iOS 16 update.

A source: iMore

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