AirPods 3 users complain about crackling and noise

It looks like the situation is repeating itself. Immediately after the release of AirPods Pro, some users began to complain about unpleasant crackling and noise in the headphones. As a result, Apple acknowledged the problem and launched a special program to replace defective headsets. Now, AirPods 3 owners are reporting similar problems. In recent days, complaints about noise and crackling in the new Apple headphones have begun to appear on Reddit.

According to users, in those moments when the AirPods 3 does not play sound, an unpleasant noise becomes heard in the speakers of the headphones. In some, it quickly causes a headache. In addition, the owners of AirPods 3 complain about small crackles. They can occur while listening to music or when talking through a headset.

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It is noteworthy that some users have already tried to replace their headphones with new ones. However, this does not solve the problem – noise and crackling persist. The exact reasons for this “behavior” are currently unknown. Apple has yet to comment on the situation. However, some users hope that the new firmware will help fix the situation.

A source: Reddit

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