AirPods Pro 2 will automatically disable noise cancellation

AirPods Pro have a good noise reduction system that can remove unnecessary noise and sounds. However, this leads to another problem. When noise cancellation is activated, users may miss an important call or simply not hear when they are called. Judging by the latest Apple patent applications, engineers have already figured out how to deal with a similar problem.

The company wants to give users the ability to customize a list of sounds or phrases that AirPods will immediately turn off noise cancellation or switch to transparency mode. In addition, other settings are considered in the patent. For example, iPhone owners will be able to set a list of contacts whose messages or calls will turn off noise reduction.

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To reduce the number of false positives, Apple engineers suggest using AirPods and iPhone for data processing. In addition, the entire system should not only track the appearance of the key phrase, but also determine the direction from which it sounded, the range, etc.

A source: AppleInsider

Written by Shubham

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