Amazon showed the Astro robot, a projector for children and a security drone

Amazon held an event to showcase the company’s new products. We already saw some of them last year, like the Always Home Cam home security system, consisting of drones. But the company opened up the possibility to order it for $250.

Smart robot Astro

One of the most interesting devices was the smart controlled robot Astro. The robot is equipped with a small display and wheels for movement. It also has a camera that allows you to broadcast a picture of the rooms to you and keep in touch with relatives when you are far away.

Astro can patrol the house while you are away. It is also equipped with AI, which is why Amazon says that the robot can become part of the family. The Astro is priced at $1,450 and will be released later this year.

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Hello Disney

Hello Disney

Amazon has developed a voice assistant that allows you to interact with some Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars characters. The assistant can tell stories, answer user questions, joke. This assistant will be integrated into Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms.

Projector for kids

The new Amazon Glow projector allows kids to talk over video calls. The projector is equipped with speakers, a stand and a small display. Such a device costs $ 250 and, apart from video communication, does not perform any functions.

Amazon Glow

Amazon also introduced the Ring Alarm Pro smart home control hub, the Halo View fitness bracelet, and the Halo Fitness workout service. The latter is almost the same as the Apple Fitness+ previously introduced by Apple.

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A source: MacRumors

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