An enthusiast has created a mini-computer on macOS

The author of the YouTube channel Iketsj decided to realize the dream of many users and created a full-fledged mini-computer with a built-in keyboard and screen that runs on the macOS Big Sur operating system.

The basis for the device was a single-board PC LattePanda Alpha SBC with an Intel Core m3 processor and 8 GB of RAM. As a drive, a 240 GB SSD was used. The blogger also “added” a WLAN module and several other components to his laptop. All components were then “packed” in a custom case printed on a 3D printer.

After pressing the power button, macOS Big Sur really appears on a small screen. Even so, the system works. However, the author of the project does not report how convenient it is to use. In the video, more attention is paid to the “building” of the computer. The installation process of the system is not affected in any way.

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As for the problems, so far the device cannot be called completely autonomous. The author had difficulty connecting the battery. However, he notes that the mini-computer based on macOS was created just for fun. He just became interested. Moreover, the blogger spent more on assembly parts than the Mac mini with M1 cost.

Source: Youtube

Written by Shubham

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