Apple AirPower wireless charging prototype appears on video

Apple AirPower wireless charging was mentioned in 2017, but Apple was forced to cancel the project due to inconsistencies in standards. For several years, the postponed project was silent. Although there have been rare rumors and leaks from insiders hinting that Apple is still working on a “universal charging mat”.

Collector Giuliano Zompetti managed to get hold of the prototype AirPower and he assures that it is not a copy or a fake, but an original device that somehow left the walls of Apple’s secret headquarters.

Externally, the so-called prototype differs from the finished version. The presented model is black with a metal rim, and Apple intended to release the device in white. This may indicate that the collector’s version did not reach the design workshop.

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However, as shown in the video, the prototype is working and launches Apple’s proprietary animation, which was planned to be implemented only on these wireless chargers. Apparently, the company was working on charging during the development of iOS 13, since the device shown in the video runs on this firmware.

Source: 9to5mac

Written by Shubham

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