Apple Car electric car will be released in 2025 with a new chip

According to Bloomberg, Apple has completed the main work on the creation of a new chip that will become the basis for the Apple Car. Development took a long time. It’s all about the complexity of the chip – the company’s specialists have not yet created anything so advanced.

The chip itself mainly consists of neural processors that will process a lot of data. Potentially new development will allow the vehicle to move in a completely autonomous mode. Moreover, sources say that Apple wants to release a car without a steering wheel and pedals.

It is reported that inside the first Apple car can resemble a limousine – passengers will sit facing each other and will be able to communicate during the trip. In the center of the cabin can be a display similar to the iPad. Through it, passengers will be able to interact with vehicle systems.

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However, these are only preliminary ideas. Apple is considering different concepts. According to one version, in the future the company may create its own fleet of autonomous taxis to compete with Uber, Lyft and Waymo. However, it is more likely that Apple will release a regular car that anyone can buy.

Also, sources say that the Apple Car will not have its own charging connector. Apple wants its car to be compatible with most public charging stations. Therefore, it will be equipped with a CCS connector.

With a favorable set of circumstances, Apple will introduce its first car as early as 2025.

A source: Bloomberg

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