Apple devices can be controlled with a glance

Judging by one of the recent patent applications, in the future, owners of apple devices will be able to fill out text fields in applications and websites faster. Users will be able to move the cursor to these areas with their eyes. Moreover, a similar control method can work not only in Apple Glass, but also in other apple devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

True, on different platforms, the principle of operation of such a mechanism will be somewhat different. If in a branded AR headset the sensors will be located near the eye, then in the iPhone and iPad it will be necessary to build in a special system that can track the gaze at a sufficiently large distance.

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To reduce the chance of false positives, Apple plans to add some latency to the eye tracking system. Thus, the application interface will not “jump” up and down.

At the moment, it is difficult to say when Apple implements a similar mechanism in its devices. It is possible that something similar will appear only after the release of a branded augmented reality headset. And if rumors are to be believed, the latter may come out no earlier than in 2022-2023.

Source: AppleInsider

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