Apple executives explain why Apple Watch 7 came out later

The new Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch looks to have received minimal updates. The only visible difference is the presence of a larger display of 41 or 45 mm, as well as fast charging. However, Apple delayed the release of the update until October for previously unknown reasons.

In a new interview with The Independent, Apple VP of Product Marketing Stan Ng and Alan Dai shared information on why the product was delayed. According to them, in order to enlarged bezel-less display and at the same time keep the size of the smart watch, the company spent a lot of time.

The main problem the engineers faced was integration of the touch sensor into the OLED panel. In addition, it took time to adapt the dials and system programs to the new display settings, creating a comfortable QWERTY keyboard.

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In future it is planned to continue work with the improvement of the display and user interface. According to rumors, the new Apple Watch 8 will receive a blood glucose tracking sensor, which was not installed in the seventh version.

A source: MacRumors

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