Apple explains how to fix MacBook Pro notch issue (2021)

Many consider the notch to be one of the main drawbacks of the new MacBook Pro 2021. Users note that it can close certain sections in the menu bar. As a result, this complicates the work at the computer. Against the backdrop of such reviews, Apple has published a special instruction that should help deal with a similar problem.

In order for the “bangs” not to interfere with the work with applications, users need to enable a special scaling mode. It is activated for a single application. After enabling the new option, the notch in the MacBook Pro 2021 display will no longer cover the menu items.

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How to make the “notch” MacBook Pro 2021 not close the menu items

  1. Close the problematic application.
  2. Go to Finder – Programs.
  3. Find the application you want and open its “Properties”.
  4. Activate the “Scale to fit the built-in camera” option.

macbook pro 2021 bangs

After these simple manipulations, the size of the workspace will decrease slightly, but the camera cutout will no longer close the menu bar.

Earlier, Apple said that third-party developers will be able to adapt their programs for the MacBook Pro 2021. For this, the company has prepared a special API. The latter will help not only hide the cutout in the display, but also change the location of the menu items relative to the “bangs”.

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If the application is already adapted for the MacBook Pro 2021, then the scaling mode will not be available for it.

A source: Apple

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