Apple has patented an unusual car sunroof for Apple Car

Apple has been working on the Apple Car for some time now. This is indicated by rumors about the search for suppliers of automotive parts, patents and news about testing a new autopilot on US roads.

So far, no one knows what the Apple Car will be like. Apple is adding fuel to the fire by claiming new patents. This time the company has patented an unusual car sunroof that can change transparency. Previously, BMW at CES 2022 showed a patent for a car paint technology that can change color, but Apple decided to go further and achieve full transparency.

It can become completely transparent or darkened, depending on the wishes of the user. In addition, it can be opened along with the side windows. The sunroof can be controlled using CarPlay and Siri.

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The patent once again confirms Apple’s work on the car. According to rumors, the company may announce it as early as next year. The release of the Apple Car may be scheduled for 2025.

A source: 9to5mac

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