Apple has patented the strange iPad of the future

A new device that has appeared in Apple’s patents is the iPad with a stand. It allows you to place the tablet on its side, and can include a virtual keyboard, stylus and battery.

This is the company’s third patent for such a device. The new document adds 19 new uses for the stand.

By design, it is difficult to understand what the “iPad of the future” is. Outwardly, it looks like a 2000 DVD player. There is a display and a small folding frame, but it is not clear whether it is possible to use the tablet without it.

Apple has patented the strange iPad of the future

The frame can include a camera and a stylus. You can also place the bezel on the bottom of the device to use the virtual keyboard, which can recognize tapping gestures, finger swipes, and more. The display of the iPad of the new generation can be used as a full-fledged mirror, as shown in the image from the patent.

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The stand in the tablet is already placed in the Surface devices and it looks beautiful there. Here Apple gives us something completely new. But you need to remember that the company often patents unusual devices and technologies that may not be implemented.

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