Apple has signed a deal with the founder’s studio 1 + 1

Apple’s new deal with Alexander Rodnyansky’s studio (AR Content) is built around a first-look format. That is, initially the studio will offer new projects for Apple TV +, and if the company does not like them, other industries will.

At the same time, the language in which the series will be provided can be absolutely any: Ukrainian, Russian or English.

New projects by Rodnyansky’s studio may be the first to be presented in Russian (original), because now Apple TV+ mostly has English-language content.

Alexander Rodnyansky is the founder of 1 + 1, who moved to Moscow in 2002 and headed the STS channel. Under his leadership, the series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful”, “Daddy’s Daughters”, “Kadetstvo”, “Ranetki” were launched. He is also known as a film producer “Stalingrad”, “Chernobyl”, “White Guard” and “Headshot”.

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