Apple hasn’t released yet another iOS 15 feature

The first time WWDC 2021 showed off all of the upcoming iOS 15 features, they seemed like a pretty good set of updates. But Apple has delayed some of them, including support for SharePlay and Universal Control for macOS | iPadOS. Now, when even these functions have been presented to the public, the question remains for one more feature that has not been implemented – digital identifiers in the Wallet.

This feature, according to Apple developers, should help to completely get rid of your physical wallet, replacing it with the standard Apple Wallet application. Rights, passport, certificates and credit cards – all this should be collected in one place, and not be scattered across different applications or wallet pockets.

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It’s like the application “Diya” only for all iPhone users. The advantage will be that you will not need to show your ID, it will be enough just to put your phone on a special reader, like Apple Pay.

It’s not yet clear when Apple is going to implement all of this because the company’s website still lists the date as “early 2022”. We hope that the release will be along with iOS 15.4 for everyone, because the company has only released the first beta so far.

A source: 9to5mac

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