Apple iPad Air 5 generation: release date, specifications, price

Whether Apple is going to introduce a new iPad Air 5 and what it will be – told in the article.

Only in October, Apple introduced the almost perfect iPad Air 4, which can be called one of the best solutions for buying a tablet in terms of price and quality. But now the spring presentation of the company is on the nose. It should present the new iPhone SE 3, MacBook Air 2022, there is a possibility that they can roll out the update to the iPad Air 5.

What can be the iPad Air 5 and what we should expect from the novelty – we tell further on the text.

iPad Air 5 Specifications

  • Screen: 10.9 inch OLED display
  • Processor: A15
  • RAM: 6GB | 8GB
  • Storage: 64GB | 128GB | 256GB
  • Camera: with LiDAR
  • Operating System: iPadOS 15
  • Release date: April 5, 2022
  • Price: from $829

Design by iPad Air 5

For many years, the iPad Air supported the outdated design, but in 2020, Apple completely updated the device. This year there is no need to make global changes in the form factor of the tablet: sharp edges to match the Pro versions, compact body, pleasant colors – all this is in the current iPad Air 4.

In the update, we can expect only cosmetic design improvements and, possibly, a new bronze color.

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There were rumors that the iPad Air 5 may install an OLED display. This would be a welcome upgrade, which, however, would add a few tens of dollars, if not as much as a hundred, to the price. Now the iPad Air 4 uses an LCD screen, which, although not bad, but does not have the desired contrast that OLED provides. It is unlikely that we should rely on mini-LED, as this technology is only available in the premium iPad Pro 12.9 (2021).

Earlier there were rumors that the novelty of 2022 will receive such an update, but later there was information that the introduction could be postponed until 2023.

Touch ID and Face ID

In 2020, Apple added an unlock button with a fingerprint to the iPad Air 4. We do not expect that it will disappear, but it is likely that Apple may try to add Face ID to the novelty. This was rumored from insiders, but they related to the iPhone 13. After Ming-Chi Kuo reported that iPhones with two unlocking methods are postponed, but he did not report anything for the iPad.

RAM and internal memory

Now the iPad Air 4 comes with 4GB of RAM. With the same amount of RAM, the iPhone 11 is also available. For a device of this type, this is not enough. Apple could finish off the RAM at least up to 6-8GB to make the iPad Air 5 more attractive to buy. This would make sense, because the premium iPad Pro on the M1 comes with 8/16GB configurations.

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Internal storage also raises questions, because Apple missed the 128GB configuration by releasing the iPad Air 4 with 64GB or 256GB of storage. The first option for the iPad is not enough, especially if you draw on a tablet, the meaning of buying a version with 256GB is incomprehensible, because it can be a lot. The golden mean of 128GB could become the most popular among buyers.


Apple will not make a premium version with two cameras with the iPad Air, most likely. But the company could add LiDAR to a single 12MP camera. This could force buyers to upgrade in pursuit of a new scanner.

However, there have already been rumors about the addition of an ultra-wide-angle lens to the future iPad Air. So who knows, maybe this year we will be shown a three-lens iPad Pro and then there will be an iPad Air 5 with two cameras. In addition, cupertino could refine the front camera: put a new 12MP instead of 7MP, because no one canceled video calls and selfies.

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The latest rumor indicates that the novelty will add a chip Center Stage, which will allow you to use the wide-angle lens of the front camera in order to keep a person in the center of attention, which moves around the room with a total angle of coverage of up to 120 degrees.


The new processor would be a nice addition to all of the above improvements. It is likely that Apple will want to introduce a new A15 iPad Air 5, since there is no point in putting the top M1 on the “average”, and you need to somehow separate the Pro version from the Air.

Price for iPad Air 5

Now the iPad Air 4 in the basic configuration can be purchased from $ 729. Subject to the addition of an OLED screen, a new processor, and camera improvements, the starting price could start at $829 for the iPad Air 5.

Release date

The new device can be presented this spring, along with the iPhone SE 3. However, there is a possibility that the update of the iPad Air 5 will come to us in the autumn, along with the iPhone 14 | iPhone 15 since in 2020 we were actually shown a cool device that will remain relevant for a very long time.

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