Apple is developing its own drone

Judging by Apple’s latest patent applications, the company is interested in a new direction for itself. Some time ago, several documents related to unmanned aerial vehicles appeared in the patent portfolio of the iPhone manufacturer. But that’s not even interesting. Apple has tried to hide these claims.

Usually, at first, the company formalizes its new developments and ideas in the USA, submitting documents to the relevant Bureau. However, in the case of drones, Apple went a slightly different route. Initially, patent applications describing technologies that can be used in unmanned aerial vehicles were filed in Singapore. Thus, the company tried to hide its interest in a new market segment.

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As for the patents themselves, the first of them deals with the principles of interfacing drones with remote control systems. The document describes a method for transferring control of an unmanned aerial vehicle from one controller to another right during the flight.

The second patent concerns the remote control of drones via cellular networks. Potentially, this technology can expand the radius of interaction with drones.

According to the two available documents, it is difficult to unambiguously judge Apple’s plans for the future. However, many see them as a hint of the company’s desire to try themselves in a new area.

A source: 9to5mac

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