Apple is working on a separate app for classical music

At the end of the summer, Apple acquired a fairly popular classical music streaming service called Primephonic. Songs from this service were supposed to replenish the Apple Music library. But apart from that, Apple also promised to release a separate app for classical music lovers. Its release should take place in 2022.

Judging by the list of open vacancies, Apple plans to keep the promise. The company recently started looking for a UX designer to be part of the team responsible for the new app. The employee will have to work in London or Amsterdam.

At the moment, it’s unclear exactly what the new app will look like and how far it will go from Apple Music. Earlier, information appeared on the network that one of the features of the program would be a discreet interface. A lot of Primephonic users liked this solution.

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A source: Apple

Written by Shubham

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