Apple launches iPhone self-repair program | Mac

Apple encourages self-repair of its devices. The company will provide access to original parts and repair manuals for individual users. At first, the new offer will only be valid in the US, but after Apple plans to add other countries.

Apple’s New Parts Store Will Offer Original Batteries, Displays, and Nearly 200 Other iPhone 12 Parts | iPhone 13. Next, the company wants to add parts for the Mac M1.

Users will also be able to return broken original parts back to Apple for recycling and receive credit for future purchases.

The start of the program is scheduled for early 2022. During the year, Apple wants to expand the program to other countries.

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This will make it easier to access original Apple parts for those who want to repair their devices themselves, rather than taking them to Apple service centers. But the company in a press release insists that users who do not have experience in repairs still use the services of professionals.

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