Apple limits iPhone 13 Pro screen frequency in third-party apps

One of the main features of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are screens with support for ProMotion technology. Thanks to the latest display refresh rate can vary from 10 to 120 Hz, depending on what content is displayed on the screen. For example, if the user is reading a book, then the display frequency drops to 10-20 Hz, while when displaying animations or scrolling pages, it can reach 120 Hz. This mechanism allows you to reduce screen power consumption and increase the autonomy of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

However, third-party developers have noticed that their applications cannot use ProMotion technology. Basically, the screen refresh rate in third-party apps is capped at 60Hz. Christian Selig, the author of the Apollo Reddit client, was one of the first to report this. On Twitter, he said that some of the animations in his application do not work as smoothly as we would like.

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Selig suggested that Apple simply added some restrictions to the system for third-party applications. A similar situation is observed with some programs for the iPad Pro. Interestingly, there are no such restrictions for standard applications.

Apple says all apps can access the full ProMotion experience on iPhone 13 Pro. However, to do this, developers first need to make some changes to the code. The company has also identified a Core Animation bug that may contribute to animations not displaying properly. Apple promised to fix the flaw in the next iOS update.

A source: AppleInsider

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