Apple mono bracelets tear after 10 months of use

The silicone Apple Solo Loop is very comfortable to use because it has no clasp and is sized exactly to the user’s hand. And if the strap turned out to be a little smaller, then over time it stretches and is securely held on the user’s hand.

However, some buyers noticed that after 10 months of use, their $50 straps began to tear. The wear is very noticeable and cannot be restored. Previously, there were complaints about Apple’s woven mono-bracelets, the integrity of which deteriorates, as soon as you catch on a sharp object or a hook.

Apple mono bracelets tear after 10 months of use

It seems that the most reliable strap so far remains the classic Apple Sport Band, which wears well and has not yet been complained about online. It is expected that Apple will release new bands along with the Apple Watch 7, which may come in new sizes of 41mm and 45mm.

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Source: appleinsider

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