Apple opened an office in Kyiv: they plan to import equipment on their own

Recently it became known that Apple launched a support service in Ukrainian. Now there is information that the company has opened its office in Kyiv and plans to import equipment into the country on its own, without intermediaries.

The Asbis company confirmed that Apple will independently transport the equipment and clear it at the border. This should prevent the import of “gray” consignments of goods.

In addition, Apple will begin to control the provision of services to authorized resellers. A number of vacancies have already been reportedly created to recruit representatives to the regional communities of promoters.

The next step, most likely, will be the opening of the official Apple Store in Ukraine. When this will happen is still unknown, but it can be assumed that the first city in which an apple store will appear will be Kyiv.

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Apple has been trying to officially enter the Ukrainian market for quite a long time: last year, Apple registered a legal entity in Ukraine; in March 2021, a vacancy for a financier with a location in Kyiv was noticed on the company’s website. After the translation of the main page of the company into Ukrainian, and then the support service spoke in Ukrainian, now the opening of a whole office and plans for their own import of equipment into the country.

Source: ubr

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