Apple patents smart bracelets and necklaces

Judging by the latest patents filed by Apple, the company’s range of products may be replenished with new wearable devices in the future. We are talking about key chains, bracelets, necklaces and other similar accessories.

As envisioned by engineers, new devices can be worn on the body or easily attached to various objects. At the same time, gadgets should have sufficiently broad capabilities. For example, they can be used to identify a user in virtual or augmented reality, contain personal data (medical information, biometrics, etc.) or act as an output device, store small messages, and so on.

The patent states that such gadgets should be small and easily attached to the body or object. To do this, Apple suggests actively using various magnetic connections.

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Apple wearables

In addition, such wearable devices can become part of Apple’s AR system. Thanks to small bracelets with electronic filling, users will be able to interact with various virtual objects and control interfaces.

A source: AppleInsider

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