Apple plans to release a glass iMac with a touch screen

Almost two years ago, Apple filed for a patent for an all-glass iMac. The fused design is described as a curved iMac with an integrated keyboard.

Not long ago, Apple updated the patent with a few new details. The possibility of introducing a touch display into a monoblock is being considered.

The whole design in the early patent was supposed to be transparent, but in the new version, Apple has revised it and now the company’s engineers admit that the glass can be painted with a color coating. In addition, the angle of inclination can change, despite the fact that the structure seems to be solid.

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The most interesting addition is the touch part. As you remember, earlier Steve Jobs abandoned the Mac with a touch screen and was supported by Jony Ive with Tim Cook. But the patent covers part of the touch screen, it is quite possible that this is a revived Touch Bar.

The patent is very interesting, it would be interesting to look at such a technology in real life, but as we remember, Apple patents a lot of different technologies, and in the end does not release such devices.

A source: 9to5mac

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