Apple Store update security system

Apple has faced retail store robberies many times. Despite the fact that most of the products presented in Apple stores are already registered and can be blocked after theft, some thieves are still led by the opportunity to get a “free” iPhone or Mac. Therefore, the company thought about how to improve protection in the Apple Store.

Apple’s new patent looks at a security system that uses brackets, magnets, and detachable cables that don’t obstruct the view of the device, but at the same time ensure that the user puts it in place. The main feature is that Apple wants to make the mounts as inconspicuous as possible.

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Apple Store update security system

The implementation of this security system is already underway in some retail stores and Apple partner stores. Instead of cables to hold the Apple Watch, a metal mount is used, inside of which a cable and a magnet are hidden. To protect the iPhone, iPad, a double metal mount is used.

A source: MacRumors

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