Apple stores more than 8 exabytes of iCloud data on Google servers

Many companies rely on large third party servers to store user data. Despite the fact that Apple owns large arrays of its own servers, recently Cupertino has had to resort to the help of Google in storing user data.

Over 8 exabytes of iCloud data is currently stored on Google Cloud servers. The volume of this data is so large that Google even assigned the name “Bigfoot” to it. According to a report by The Information, the company is spending more than $300 million on Google Cloud servers.

It is worth noting that Apple data stored on Google servers is encrypted, like iCloud servers, and only Apple has encryption keys.

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With the company launching a Cloud+ service with a double-encrypted private IP address and mail hiding service enabled, the announcement of an increase in the amount of data stored on Google’s servers is not particularly surprising.

Source: The Information

Written by Shubham

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