Apple TV+’s Tehran won an Emmy Award

The Israeli spy series Tehran, which debuted on Apple TV+ last September, won the prestigious International Television Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Show.

The first season of the series tells about the Mossad’s special operation in Tehran at the height of the Cold War between Israel and Iran. The main character must go to the camp of the enemy in order to disable the air defense. According to the plan, the sabotage would allow Israel to destroy the Iranian nuclear reactor. However, everything quickly gets out of control and the main character has to improvise.

Viewers note that “Tehran” was created with great attention to detail. At the same time, the authors do not flirt with various gadgets and superpowers. The emphasis is on credibility. And this is a definite plus. It is worth noting that one of the authors of the series was screenwriter Moshe Zonder, who worked on the Netflix hit Fauda.

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It is noteworthy that “Emmy” for “Tehran” is not the first award in the piggy bank Apple TV+. Service representatives note that over the past few years Apple Originals has received 566 nominations and 157 awards, more than any other streaming service.

A source: iMore

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