Apple was working on a budget iPhone nano in 2011

Litigation between Apple and Epic Games has revealed a lot of previously unknown information. In particular, in the letters disclosed as part of the process, references to previously unknown devices were found. For example, from the correspondence of Steve Jobs it became known that the company was working on the iPhone nano – a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone 4.

According to available records, in October 2010, Steve Jobs received an email containing the agenda for an upcoming meeting. At it, Apple executives were supposed to discuss various issues. Including the company’s strategy for 2011.

Among the many points there is a mention of the iPhone nano. The smartphone was supposed to replace the iPhone 3GS and stand out at a low price. The basis for the device could be the iPod touch. Unfortunately, this is where all the details end.

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The company tested the concept of a cheap iPhone in 2013 with the release of the iPhone 5c. True, many users did not like the device. Most buyers preferred to add some cash and get the iPhone 5S, which had better hardware and a Touch ID scanner.

Source: The Verge

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