Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging requires 5W USB-PD adapter

One of the key features of the Apple Watch Series 7 is the fast charging feature. According to Apple, the new watch charges 33% faster than its predecessors. For example, the new Apple Watch takes just 45 minutes to charge from 0 to 80 percent. However, until recently it was not clear which adapter is better to charge the novelty.

Judging by one of the documents posted on the official Apple website, users will definitely need a special USB-C cable to quickly charge the Apple Watch Series 7. It comes with a new watch or is sold separately. As for the adapter, any branded “cube” with a USB-C connector with a power of 18 W and above is suitable here.

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However, Apple Watch Series 7 can be charged not only with Apple-branded adapters. The company notes that third-party chargers are also suitable. But in order to quickly charge a new watch, it must meet two requirements:

  • Support USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) technology.
  • Have a power of 5 watts or more.

Also, a technical support document on the Apple website states that Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging does not work in three regions – Argentina, Vietnam and India. The reason for such restrictions is currently unknown.

A source: Apple

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