Apple will allow you to connect multiple iPhones or iPads into one device

Apple has added a document to its patent portfolio that describes a mechanism for combining multiple iPhones or iPads into one system. Thanks to existing sensors, devices will be able to understand when their edges are connected to each other and switch to sharing mode. After that, the capabilities of gadgets will increase markedly.

The patent states that when the devices are combined, users will be able to display more information on the screens, use all the speakers to play music, and also shoot on multiple cameras at once. The sharing mode should have sufficiently flexible settings.

Special magnets can be used to ensure a secure connection. Moreover, according to the idea of ​​​​Apple engineers, devices do not have to be located on a flat surface. With a variety of optional accessories, users can turn a pair of iPads into laptops and two iPhones into a flexible tablet.

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In general, the idea itself is not new. In the past, some manufacturers have already produced foldable devices with two screens. However, Apple wants to go further and refine the concept itself. When exactly users will be able to combine the iPhone and iPad with each other is currently unknown. The appearance of a patent is not a guarantee that the described idea will be implemented in serial devices.

A source: PatentlyApple

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