Apple will allow you to pay for subscriptions bypassing the App Store commission

Developer complaints about Apple’s App Store policies have paid off. The company was forced to make concessions and announced that starting in 2022 it will be possible to redirect users to the website in applications. This update will allow developers to bypass the App Store restriction and allow them to subscribe to services outside of the Apple Store.

However, this only applies to digital magazines, readers, and music and video content. With video games, everything will remain the same.

Apple will also significantly limit developers in the number of such links: it will be possible to leave only one and then to enter the user’s own account. Within apps, the company will continue to promote its payment system as the most secure and convenient. Notifications will appear that will focus on this.

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The lawsuits against App Store policy have caused Apple to fuss a bit. The company recently created a Startup Developer Assistance Fund, which provides payments of up to $30,000. If you qualify for the program.

Source: 9to5mac

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