Apple will be able to purchase 15-inch OLED displays for the iPad

Apple will be able to produce iPads with 15-inch OLED displays. Since one of the main suppliers of BOE was able to convert its plant to the production of large displays of OLED technology.

In addition, BOE is working to develop new displays with two layers of red, green and blue light. This may lead to the fact that the picture on the new iPads will become even brighter, but for now the question is whether the manufacturer will be able to translate the technology for commercial use and how much it will cost to create a finished tablet.

Earlier there were rumors from Mark Gurman that Apple could create larger 15-inch iPads. But so far this is only a rumor and it is not clear whether they will come true. Now Apple has the opportunity, since BOE has converted its plant to the production of large displays.

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A source: MacRumors

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