Apple’s AirTag rival Tile is being bought by Life360

Ever since the Apple AirTag rumors began, Tile has been suing Apple for fear of the tech giant’s monopoly. As a result, Apple had to make small concessions by adding the “Things” tab to its application, opening access to adding their gadgets to the “Locator” to other manufacturers.

Things didn’t go well for Tile after the release of AirTag, especially in America where the U1 chip is included and buying an Apple tag for an iPhone user is more attractive than buying Tile tags.

It has now become known that Tile is being bought by Life360, a company that specializes in tracking the geolocation of family members. The deal is worth $205 million and is expected to be completed in early 2022.

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Life360 is a billing app that allows you to create closed families and keep track of the location of your loved ones. With the application network, the company plans to expand the Tile network 10 times. The production of new tags will be carried out under the Tile brand, the company’s management will remain the same.

In the future, this will help compete with Apple.

A source: MacRumors

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