Belkin launches MagSafe charger with built-in stand

Belkin has expanded its range with a new compact MagSafe charger called the Boost Charge Pro. In many respects, the novelty is similar to the original MagSafe adapter offered by Apple. However, Belkin Boost Charge Pro has a number of its own chips. For example, built-in stand.

One of the key features of Boost Charge Pro can be considered a high charging speed. In this parameter, the new accessory from Belkin is not inferior to the original Apple solution. Boost Charge Pro can charge iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 with “full power” of 15W. Not all third-party MagSafe chargers have this feature.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro

In addition, Belkin’s new MagSafe charger features a built-in foot that can hold your smartphone in a horizontal position on any hard and flat surface. A similar feature is useful when watching a video or during long FaceTime calls. Also, the novelty has a two-meter braided cable.

In fact, the last two options distinguish Belkin Boost Charge Pro from Apple’s proprietary adapter. However, the novelty is a little more expensive – $ 60 versus $ 40 for Apple’s MagSafe charging. You can buy Belkin Boost Charge Pro either on the manufacturer’s website or in the Apple Online Store.

A source: Belkin

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