BMW created their own virtual world JOYTOPIA

Recently, many manufacturers are throwing their strength into the development of augmented and virtual reality technologies. Not so long ago, TikTok bought out an augmented reality effects startup, and Apple has been working on a VR headset and AR Apple Glass for several years.

So BMW decided to keep up, so they created their own virtual world JOYTOPIA. The announcement of the company says that this is a new step in marketing. For the presentation of the virtual utopia, a Coldplay concert will be held, and a big talking fox will welcome all guests, for the voice acting of which they used the voice of a star Inglorious Bastards» Christoph Waltz.

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BMW created their own virtual world JOYTOPIA

In JOYTOPIA, users will have their own avatars and three virtual locations to choose from: “Re:THINK”, “Re:IMAGINE” and “Re:BIRTH”. According to the announcement, users will not need to register and create a password. It will be possible to visit the events both through a PC and through a smartphone.

BMW created their own virtual world JOYTOPIA

JOYTOPIA website launch on September 5th. Now only a small preview is available, which shows utopian graphics. Looks pretty interesting.

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