Chipolo introduced a tracker card with Latitude support

Chipolo has expanded its range of Apple Latitude-enabled devices. As part of CES 2022, the manufacturer introduced a new product called the Chipolo CARD Spot. In terms of its size, the tracker is comparable to a regular plastic card. The only difference is the thickness. The Chipolo CARD Spot is about three times thicker than a regular credit card. However, this is still less than Apple’s AirTag.

The main feature of the Chipolo CARD Spot is full support for Apple’s Latitude, including lost mode and a new feature called “Notify when forgotten”, which appeared in iOS 15. Users will also be able to activate the built-in speaker in the Chipolo CARD Spot. The latter feature will be useful to speed up the search for the tracker if it is located somewhere nearby.

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Chipolo CARD Spot

The case of Chipolo CARD Spot is protected from moisture according to the IPX5 standard. However, unlike the same AirTag, users will not be able to “open” the new tracker from Chipolo to replace the battery. The novelty is equipped with a non-replaceable battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery will last approximately two years of battery life. The tracker will then turn off. However, users will be able to recycle the Chipolo CARD Spot and get a new one with a 50% discount.

Chipolo will start accepting orders on CARD Spot today. The price of the tracker is $35, excluding shipping.

A source: Chipolo

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