Colored MacBook Air with M2 chip will be shown in 2022

A little over a year ago, Apple officially unveiled its first ARM chip for use in computers. The M1 processor can now be found in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini. At the same time, many believed that Apple would show an updated chip as part of WWDC 2021. It was assumed that the announcement of the processor will be combined with the announcement of the MacBook Pro 2021. However, these rumors were not confirmed.

According to the iOS developer known by the nickname Dylandkt, the release of the new apple chip will take place in the first half of next year. Moreover, the presentation of the M2 will be combined with the announcement of the updated “colorful” MacBook Air.

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At the same time, the developer notes that we are talking about the M2 chip. The tweet mentions that the M1X is “reserved for Pro Mac devices”. It is difficult to say exactly what is hidden behind this formulation. However, in the past, network sources have reported that the M1X chip will have 12 processing and 16 graphics cores. The TDP indicator will also increase slightly. For a new chip, it should be 35 watts.

It is difficult to say how true the new rumors are. Dylandkt has shared reliable information in the past. For example, he reported on Apple’s plans to add the M1 chip to the iPad Pro. However, you need to understand that reputable sources also announced the release of the MacBook Pro at WWDC 2021. In particular, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg spoke about this.

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