Concept: The new Apple Watch could get bangs

The new MacBook Pro 2021 does not need a bang, it is there more for “aesthetics”, according to Apple designers. Also, Apple has not removed the bangs from the design of the iPhone for several years, although insiders report that the company is working on it.

Yesterday Bloomberg showed image of future smart watch Meta (updated by Facebook), in which a notch is present at the bottom of the display in order to place the camera there.

If Apple added bangs to its future smartwatchesit could be a smaller camera notch than the MacBook Pro and iPhone 13. It is possible that this would be the “hole” design in which we were shown the Meta watch.

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Its appearance could bring the ability to use smart watches for FaceTime video calls and more. Smartwatches would reach a new level of functionality, they could be used instead of an iPhone for a child. Moreover, Apple already provides such an opportunity.

Apple Watch with bangs

New watch faces designed specifically for the redesigned Apple Watch with notches would highlight its design.

A source: 9to5mac

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