DJI OM 5 – new compact gimbal for iPhone

Previously, leaks appeared on the network that the new DJI OM 5 gimbal for iPhone would be like a selfie stick. Get it signed, DJI today unveiled a compact version with an extendable base.

The novelty is made in the style of DJI: a pleasant externally gray (or white to choose from) case, a powerful magnetic holder for the iPhone, which can be adjusted depending on the orientation of the video and photo you need. From the pleasant – we added an additional button for more convenient control of the main functions.

Cool DJI chips remained unchanged: compactness, the ability to turn the stabilizer into a tripod by screwing on the extra leg that comes with the kit. But it also became possible to extend the handle, and use the stabilizer as a selfie stick. This was actually missing in previous versions.

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DJI OM 5 - new compact gimbal for iPhone

They also added ShotGuides (short shooting guides) and an improved ActiveTrack 4.0 that can track objects and people at 3x magnification and a speed of 5m/s.

DJI OM 5 - new compact gimbal for iPhone

The price of the updated DJI OM 5 was $159.

Source: DJI

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