Dyson introduced the new Dyson PH04 air purifier

The problem of air pollution is now more relevant than ever. In response to the popularization of this topic, Dyson has released a deluxe air purifier-humidifier.

The new PH04 is capable of not only purifying the air, it captures small particles of formaldehyde that can release cleaning products, as well as paints, varnishes, glue, and some furniture. The system inside the PH04 continuously breaks down formaldehyde particles using a Selective Catalytic Oxidation (SCO) filter and separates them into water and carbon dioxide.

Also, the novelty solves the problem of dry air in the apartment / house, which Dyson developers approached very seriously. If we are talking about ordinary humidifiers, as they are used, bacteria can appear in the filters and water, which then enter the air.

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The Dyson PH04 provides several levels of protection against bacteria: first, it uses ultraviolet light, which destroys 99.9% of all bacteria in water; secondly, the evaporator uses tangles of silver threads that prevent bacteria from multiplying.

An automatic mode is provided, which allows the device to independently respond to the state of the air. The cost of new items is 899 dollars.

A source: Dyson

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