Elgato releases Stream Deck pedal for streamers

To make life easier for streamers, Elgato has introduced a special footswitch that allows you to control apps hands-free. It is needed so that streamers can quietly change the scene, add an effect or change the camera during a live broadcast. It works on Twitch, YouTube, can be configured to control smart lighting or smart home elements, Twitter, Spotify. Connects Stream Deck to Mac and Windows.

There are three buttons on the gadget that you can customize for yourself. In addition, you can also customize how you want to control the pedal: just by tapping or long pressing.

Elgato releases Stream Deck pedal for streamers

The pedal costs $115, which is a lot for such a specific device. However, this is a really cool thing that can improve the work of professional streamers.

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A source: Elgato

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