Enthusiast installed hardware from Mac mini M1 in iMac G4

Despite the fact that the iMac G4 went on sale back in 2002, many still consider this monoblock one of the most charismatic Apple computers. Connoisseurs of apple technology redeem and restore such iMacs. And some even give them a “second life”. The developer Colby Sheets also went down this path. He purchased an iMac G4 and then installed Mac mini hardware with an M1 chip into it. He dedicated his project to Steve Jobs.

The enthusiast noted that in the process of modifying the monoblock, he encountered a number of difficulties. However, thanks to Youtube, he was able to cross iMac G4 and Mac mini with M1. As a result, the classic Apple computer received a new chip and 8 GB of RAM.

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Colby Sheets deliberately chose not to change the original iMac G4 display. The enthusiast believes that there is nothing wrong with a small screen. In addition, there is a chance to spoil the design.

Recall that at the time of release, the iMac G4 was equipped with a PowerPC processor with a frequency of 700 to 1250 MHz, 128 or 256 MB of RAM and a drive up to 80 GB. The choice of users was available three screen sizes – 15, 17 and 20 inches. The iMac G4 disappeared from store shelves in 2004, just two years after its release. It was replaced by a monoblock with the G5 index, which outwardly vaguely resembled modern models.

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