Eufy introduced a smart doorbell with two cameras

The Eufy brand, which is owned by Anker, introduced several new smart home devices at CES 2022. One of the most interesting new products is the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual. Its main feature is two built-in cameras. This design greatly increases the viewing angle.

Most smart doorbells on the market use just one camera. This leads to the fact that users do not see everything that happens in front of their door. Adding an additional module to the call, which is directed downwards, provides a wider viewing angle and allows you to see what exactly the visitor is holding in their hands.

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As for the technical characteristics of the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual, the device has two cameras with viewing angles of 160 and 120 degrees. Their resolution is 2K and 1080p for the main and additional modules, respectively. In addition, the bell can detect movement in front of the door, as well as recognize friends and acquaintances.

Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual is battery operated. The wired version is currently under development. The manufacturer claims that one compact of batteries will last for about six months. The Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual will go on sale in February and will cost $260. In addition to the call, users will also receive an Eufy HomeBase 2 hub with 16 GB of local storage.

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