Face ID in iPhone 13 is not able to recognize the user in the CPAP mask

One of the features of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro was the reduced cutout in the display. To do this, Apple engineers have somewhat redesigned the system of projectors and cameras that are used in Face ID. Some changes have also been made to the software. However, all these innovations have created a number of problems for people who are forced to use CPAP machines.

CPAP therapy is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea, respiratory failure, and a number of other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. From time to time, patients are forced to wear special masks that cover most of the face. In particularly difficult cases, people practically do not remove them.

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In the past, iPhones with Face ID could easily recognize the faces of their owners wearing CPAP masks. However, now the situation has changed. One of the users, who is forced to wear a CPAP mask almost constantly, noted that he was unable to set up Face ID on the iPhone 13 Pro. The smartphone simply refuses to do so, recommending that the user remove all elements that cover the face. Alas, this cannot be done.

It is difficult to say why such problems arise. It is possible that in the future Apple will somehow correct the situation. But so far, company representatives have not commented on the user’s complaints.

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A source: 9to5mac

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