Face ID on iPhone 13 not working after display replacement

Apple is limiting the ability of third-party service centers to repair their products. Previously, the company removed the ability to view the percentage of battery capacity if it was replaced. There is also a notification that you are using a non-original display and camera.

In Cupertino, this is considered as an additional point for the user to contact a certified service center. However, such workshops are not everywhere.

Now it became known about another unpleasant limitation. If you decide to replace the display on your iPhone 13, be prepared to no longer be able to use Face ID, according to a new independent test.

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Even though the display itself does not have components that are responsible for Face ID, if you replace the display, authentication will not work. Moreover, even if the replacement occurs with exactly the same original part, you will not be able to use Face ID. It will only work if you put in a genuine part that came with the iPhone 13 out of the box.

This may be a bug and Apple will fix it with the iOS 15 update. Or this is a deliberate measure by Cupertino.

A source: MacRumors

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