Google is preparing Project Iris – a competitor to Apple Glass

A few years ago, Google shut down their Daydream VR headset project. But the company didn’t stop at the idea of ​​developing its own headset to compete with future Apple Glass smart glasses and Meta developments. Google’s new project is called Project Iris and it should be a pretty interesting development if the reports are to be believed.

The Project Iris headset will be released in 2024, at the same time Apple Glass smart glasses should be shown (according to insiders). Google’s new AR headset will run on the company’s own Tensor-style processor running Android. It’s not yet clear if Android will be the main operating system, though, because the company hasn’t completed recruiting for the team yet. It also reports the possibility of cloud rendering, which will overcome the limitations of computing power.

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The Pixel division does some of Project Iris’ development, and the engineering team also includes former MetaOS executives, the creators of Google Assistant, and more. The entire division, according to analysts, consists of 300 people and is only gaining momentum.

A source: engadget

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