Google smartwatches may come out in 2022

Google may release its own smartwatch as early as next year. This is reported by BusinessInsider, citing its own sources. The specific release date of the novelty, codenamed Rohan, is currently unknown. Some say that the announcement will happen in the spring of 2022.

At the same time, sources are confident that Google’s branded smartwatch will receive a round display and a number of “standard” sensors to track the user’s physical condition. The battery will also be quite ordinary – the gadget will have to be charged about once a day.

The main feature of smart watches from Google should be software. The gadget will be based on Wear OS 3 and will offer users a number of unique features. It is possible that some of the developments will be borrowed from Fitbit. Recall that earlier Google acquired this company.

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How much exactly the novelty will cost is not known now. However, sources say that the Pixel Watch will compete with the Apple Watch. This means that the price of smartwatches from Goolge will fluctuate between $350-400.

A source: business insider

Written by Shubham

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