HalfDive virtual reality system can be used in bed

The developers have presented a working prototype of the HalfDive virtual reality immersion system. The device is different in that it can be used while lying in bed.

The project is quite unusual, the developers claim that they were inspired by The Matrix to create a virtual reality helmet that allows you to interact with VR while in bed. The hands are controlled by special gloves that are already connected to the helmet, a stand is provided for the system, which allows you to turn your head 180 degrees.

The design of the system consists of: a virtual reality helmet with LCD displays and 10 lenses that allow you to view content in 2880×1600 resolution; built-in Ethernet, HDMI, AUX, USB-A ports, charging port; two gloves connected to the helmet. It comes with a comfortable pad that conforms to the shape of your head. The system will also be able to run music from the iPhone and listen to it in surround sound.

In the future, developers want to use the system not only for video games, but also for medical purposes, as well as office work. HalfDive starts at $750 for the basic version. The most “fancy” version will cost $1,140. HalfDive is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2022.

This is an interesting development, unlike the virtual reality helmets currently being developed by Apple, Meta and others, it can be used without getting out of bed. It’s probably every gamer’s dream: to play your favorite games in bed. And developers HalfDive wants to make it happen.

A source: Kickstarter

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