Honeycomb V12 UV Air Purifier is designed for machines

It is difficult to maintain perfect cleanliness in the car interior: one way or another, there will be places where dust accumulates and it is difficult to get rid of it with the help of car vacuum cleaners. This dust can be harmful to your body, especially if you use your car more than usual on long journeys.

A cool start-up of the Honeycomb V12 UV air purifier, created specifically for cars, has appeared on Kickstarter. It uses the most effective UVC protection technology to clean the environment, and covers the wavelength range from 100nm to 280nm. Also inside there is an H13 class HEPA filter with a layer of activated carbon, which retains 99.97% of unpleasant odors and other small particles up to 0.3 microns in size.

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The power of the motor inside the cleaner is 4 W, it fits easily in the hand and is completely safe for both drivers and passengers, animals. Available in four colors, it fits comfortably in a cup holder and is fed through a cigarette lighter.

The cost of such a cleaner will be $142.

A source: Kickstarter

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