iFixit Confirms Disabling Face ID After iPhone 13 Display Repair

After the release of the iPhone 13 in September, information appeared that it would be possible to replace the new display while maintaining Face ID technology only at authorized Apple service centers.

The thing is that when replacing the display, Apple blocked the ability to sync a new display with the device by serial numbers. This feature is available only at authorized service centers that are part of the Apple Services Toolkit 2 and Apple IRP.

There is a possible workaround that includes chip soldering, but it may require a microscope or other third-party equipment that may not be available in regular service centers. Thus, the procedure for replacing the iPhone 13 display, which did not cause difficulties on other models, can no longer be performed by amateur craftsmen.

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iFixit Confirms Disabling Face ID After iPhone 13 Display Repair

Apple did not comment on this, but the company actually cuts off some of the non-professional workshops. They won’t be able to replace the display to keep you with Face ID. Apple are hinting that now you must need to buy AppleCareso that if the display breaks, contact an authorized service center.

There have been rumors that there will be a patch in the iOS 15.1 update that will fix the issue. But it added an announcement that Face ID cannot function after replacing the iPhone 13 display.

A source: iFixit

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